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Informative Interview


Over the past few years i have had many conversations with young professionals that are trying to organize their careers and their day-to-day work tasks. Thinking about focus, efficiency, and organization is my passion. So is thinking about long term goals, habits, and identity. I found myself trying to teach one concept, and realizing there were so many other facets that i wanted to expand on. When asked about goals, how can i not also discuss habits, your WHY, weekly planning. Etc. So i began to write down thoughts and ideas as they came up in discussion so that they can be shared and used as a resource.

I am not sure where i first discovered the word "Providence", but when i was looking for a banner to explain what i am trying to achieve, i came to find these definitions most compelling 


  1. To be in the protective care of God's power.

  2. The timely preparation for the future eventualities.

  3. Founded in Rhode Island, 1636, by Roger Williams, in honor of God's merciful providence. The colony was established as a safe haven for him and his followers

The future is coming, and so many of us just wait for it, hoping it will be one that we like. But instead we should be actively crafting and shaping our future. With hard work, intention, and God’s favor, we can build a haven that protects ourselves and our loved ones. 

About Me

Software developer, writer, husband, Father of two little ones, powerlifter, hockey player, real estate investor. 

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